Art Angels


Photography by Corinne Cumming.

Well, it got cold. 

I hate to talk in cliches but it absolutely felt like out of nowhere one day it was too cold to flounce around the city in pretty dresses. However, nothing stops me when I feel like wearing what I want, and while yes, for everyday wear this probably would need tights and a coat – I still wanted to share with you this beautiful ASOS Reclaimed Vintage dress I picked up a few weeks back.


I actually bought this dress as a backup for Lily’s wedding that I was honoured to DJ for her a few weeks ago. In the end I wore a ombre dip dyed kimono dress that I felt was a little more ~special~ than this one, but I loved this one too much to not let it get it’s own outing. It’s quite a sheer material, but it has a little slip lining already built into it, which is so handy. It’s a soft pastel grey, with shoulder rose stitched detailing. I wore mine with my fedora, and black boots, just to bring the outfit fully into a more autumn spectrum, rather than the soft pastel shades of Summer.


I’ve been spending a lot of time overthinking recently.

You know me, chronic over thinker and worrier for weeks – so i’m sure it’ll come to no surprise i’ve been overthinking a lot of stuff recently. Specifically about YouTube, and how to continue a flow of inspiration and workload into the future. I’ve been going into overdrive, uploading and uploading and spending all my days creating recently – I want to make sure this can continue without getting bogged down.

I get a lot of inspiration at the moment from Grimes, and i’ll tell you why.



Grimes is a one woman machine. A powerhouse of art and music.

Grimes – or Clare Boucher, a 28 year old Canadian musician – is a girl who’s always done things her own way. Refusing to sign to major labels to get her music out there, she began making her own music herself – and it’s taken over the world. From the album artwork, to producing the sound and playing every part of the song – it’s all done by her. In a huge way, I can relate. So I get help with taking some pictures (this post included – shot by the incredible Corinne, a woman who also does things her own way) and George helps me shooting video, but everything comes from me. The art direction, the ideas, the words, the editing, the colour grading, the thought and the entire, well, piece. It’s me, it’s all very much unapologetically me. And so is Grimes. She’s never gone down the route of wanting to be the biggest pop star in the world on the biggest record label, putting her art and her passion first – and I can relate to that.



I must always remember to put the art, first.

I’m not a particularly in-depth YouTuber. Most of my videos involve fashion, hauling, or chit chat. But Grimes isn’t, either. She’s a pop artist, she makes electronic music with a positive outlook – inspired by anime and with upbeat tempos. I think beauty/fashion YouTubers can be quite an easy target for people to say the content is meaningless or throwaway, and while on the surface it might be – fashion/beauty and the life within that is a vertical that means so much to millions of people all over the world. Fashion makes us who we are, and beauty defines it. While content like that might seem easy to make and do, i’m always looking for ways to DIY it myself, to do more, to create a newer way of visual elements. Even something as basic as a makeup tutorial needs a revamp every now and then.



I think it’s easy to forget the element of skill that comes with video making.

I’m obsessed with Casey Neistat all over again at the moment because of his fresh outlook on video. And Casey has this, because he’s a trained and professional film-maker. Making videos is hard, especially three original ones a week. I am the happiest i’ve ever been in my life ever, because I finally have the freedom to create stuff in a way I know how. I’ve been studying film since I was 16 years old – and i’m 27 now. In that time i’ve been using Final Cut Pro on iMacs that were bigger than TVs are now, and the cameras i’ve used have grown, shrunk, morphed into phone size, and then grown – and more recently *flown* – but the same level of skill and passion for art is always there. It’s incredible for me to live in a generation where I can DIY video I want to, with the help of drones and cameraphones.

Most of the time my YouTube videos have been inspired by art i’ve never even mentioned. I see shots in old 1920s movies, and I love the framing and colouring. I’m beyond enamoured by Gus Van Sant and his use of drawn out – long, lingering, sometime 15 minute long continuous rolling shots. I couldn’t begin to explain to you what all of this means to me, but I guess i’m just explaining a little bit more to what you see behind the 2 minute fashion video I just uploaded. Nothing for me is ever done for money, career or just life sakes. I frequently throw away content I don’t think is good enough.

It’s always been inspired by something more. I know most people will never even know, and never see it. But I kinda like that, in a way. Well of this apart from the haul videos. Those are literally just hauls.