Alternative Style Bloggers & YouTubers You Need To Follow

Photography: Kaye Ford | Words: Zoe London


I wanna share with you some other amazing alternative bloggers and YouTubers today!

I’d still consider myself an alt girl. I mean, my hair is blue, so it’s not what society considers ‘normal.’ I still get pointed at in the street or stared at abroad, but i’ve never wanted to live my life any differently. As i’ve grown up and got more into fashion than just your standard band tee and jeans (although I still rock this frequently) i’ve diversified my fashion from it’s original emo kid roots, but I still love alt street wear and of course, I have about two million band tees and i’ll never change! Just like me there are hundreds of amazing alternative, goth, punk, emo, indie kid YouTube channels and blogs out there, so today I thought alongside this slightly more alt outfit – pink checked trousers, is it 2002? hell yeah – i’d share some of my faves from all over the world. Some might be new to you and some also may be your old favourites but I hope you find something new to read or watch!


There’s legit so many bloggers I don’t even know where to start! Let’s start with one of my really old faves and one of the reasons I actually got into blogging myself – Lua from Le Happy. She’s a hugely successful blogger now (amazing) but I love her just as much as I did from the start when I found her on While we’re on the American bloggers, I absolutely adore Rachel from Jaglever, her instagram photos of her style and life NYC are to die for! She might be one of my closest friends, but Hannah from Hannah Louise F consistently kills it in the fashion game. Her style is such a good mix of London street with alt roots. Kayla from Kayla Hadlington fuses high street and affordable clothing into a pastel goth daydream. Her almost PC music pink style sets her so apart from the edge and always inspires me! I think the Brit invasion of alt girls has recently hit such a good boom here as more and more people take the plunge into blogging. I’ve really gotten into Emma from Emma Inks recently, her style is more goth, yet she always seems to find a million different ways to wear black, keeping outfits varied and inspired. On the other end of the spectrum, Jemma from Dorkface has a really creative art background, where she fuses her love of music with bright alt art. I actually have a picture of hers of a punk girl waiting to be hung in my office. If pop punk is more your thing, the adorable Jess from Foxxxtails has the whole thing nailed. She also has a love for jazzy, fun trousers – my kinda gal! Another Jess is from Heart Shaped Bones, and i’ve got really obsessed with her blog lately. It’s old school honest, cool, interesting blogging at it’s finest and I’m really into it.


I really do look to the US a lot for my instagram style inspiration. I really love that raw street LA girl look, and it forms a lot of my style inspiration. My absolute favourite at the moment is Ellen from @ellenvlora, who isn’t categorically an ‘alt girl’ per se, but has this most curiously punky side to her, that when fusing together designer and high street fashion inspiration she just oozes confidence and cool. She is a total girl crush for sure. Also from LA, I absolutely adore Stephanie from @soothingsista, with more of a street style sportswear fashion she makes sports goth so luxe, and so beautiful. In terms of makeup, I constantly look immediately at Samantha from @sn0ok, my god is this girl pushing boundaries of alternative makeup! It’s grown up grunge for the 2017 era and it’s amazing. Another old school favourite from the old days is Olivia from @oliviaemilyx, her effortlessly cool gothic style is always high street or affordable indie brands, making her a total source of obtainable inspiration! Keeping an instagram theme is way too hard for me, but Jojo from @lemonadejar does it better than anyone i’ve seen! She’s beautiful, and has such a unique look. I’ve also recently found Lydia from @deaddsouls, who’s mirror style snaps are so inspiring for style! Another blue haired girl I of course naturally adore her page and followed as soon as I saw it!


I spend so much time watching other YouTubers and it brings me so much joy to find people just like me, with style i’m interested in. My absolute favourite not only as a human, friend and amazing person but also her creativity is of course Helen from Helen Anderson. Helen has the most quirky, unique unapologetically her style, and there’s no one else like her. Her videos are some of the most unique and creative i’ve ever seen. I adore her! Someone else i’ve had the pleasure to meet as well as adore their channel is Tasha from Tasha Leelyn. A hair dye fanatic after my own heart, her honest and well produced videos are incredible and well worth your time. Again perhaps not categorically an ‘alt girl’ as such but someone with a punk ass attitude to life and clothing is Charlotte from Charlotte Hole. Her no frills life laid bare approach to her channel makes it feel like you’re travelling right there with her. Keeping a theme on YouTube is even harder than Instagram, and I forever commend real life mermaid Emily from Mermaid Gossip. Her pink and blue YouTube channel fuses all things hair, lifestyle and fashion with her love of pastel, and her videos are a joy to watch! I absolutely love Evelina from Evelina Forsell, who’s chameleon changing locks and cruelty free ethos makes her a great watch. Talking about mental health as well as all things style isn’t always easy, but Anastasjia from Anastasjia Louise does it effortlessly. She’s a beautiful soul inside and out and I never miss any of her uploads. Finally Jade from Jade The Libra has been one of my go-to’s for alt girl makeup inspiration for years and that will never fade! She’s so good at what she does and always inspires me to pick up my makeup brushes and create something different!

There we go! Some amazing alt bloggers and YouTubers for you to follow and enjoy. Back in the day, blogs used to have a little ‘blog roll’ on their site where you could find other people just like them to watch too. Now i’m not saying the love has gone, but the sharing mentality isn’t always there – and this is something I do always want to do more of. Especially because our little subculture often gets ignored or swept by in blog awards or blog rolls as it’s not as conventional as the others. I love and watch every single one of these channels and blogs, and you should too! Let me know what you think in the comments!