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Hey, hope you’ve had a good mid week so far! I have been busy again (I swear to god I don’t stop ever..ohhh life) and snowed under with Uni bits and bobs. Loads of positive things, I went straight back on Monday and was asked straight away about a collaboration with a theatre so i’ve been planning that whilst writing up for my Internship, the aftermath of the essay and then on top of that trying to think of beautiful ideas for photographs, while planning a full shoot for the lovely Frank. Phew! Anyway, rambling..
I have a wicked Katy Perry inspired outfit post coming up which I shall try and get up tomorrow, and some more eyeshadow looks including the Black and Gold tutorial which featured in my post here. So lots of stuff coming up :). If theres anything in particular you ever want to see, get in touch. I sometimes get a lil stuck for ideas and would love your input.

This is a short but sweet post giving some of the love back to my favourite bloggers, those who have interested me every single day and who’s blogs I read permanantly. I’d recommend checking every single one of these girls out, they’re each talented and all different so it makes for a brilliant, varied read. I do plan and have planned out a little giveaway for people who have supported my blog and generally been lovely to me these last two months…but more on that later this month. It’s not going to be wholly “conventional” for a giveaway…
So in no particular order, here are my top 5 beauty reads this week 🙂

She posts so much I know I always have something to read, different posts on swatches, reviews, telling me about products I’ve often not heard of before. Incredibly informative yet so interesting at the same time. 
The London Lipglosses favourite daisybutter post: 
A gorgeous reminisce about our lovely childhood days – a break from the norm and a refreshing, nostalgic read!
Her blog posts are so varied i’m always drawn to her blog. Her reviews are to the point, and well informed. She makes great FOTD’s and inspires me to be braver and bolder!
The London Lipglosses favourite emeraldgreen88 post:
I love this so much, exploring make up from other cultures and working them into a bold night time look.
This is an intelligently written and gorgeously put together blog that is constantly telling me new information. I’ve learnt loads from Bicky’s blog, about animal testing and which products use what chemicals that I feel better informed about the things i’m buying. She goes the extra mile to make sure her blog posts are different from everyone elses, and uses products i’ve often not heard of.
The London Lipglosses favourite tasteslikeglitter post:
She explores shampoos that use SLS and found the Tigi Superstar range that doesn’t, and writes about the difference it makes to your hair routine.
I love Daisy’s blog because it’s so girlie! She’s always posting blogs of excellent products she’s bought and what they look like on, and how to wear them. I love her MAC hauls, and she does a lot of nail varnish swatching, which is just so so helpful when buying nail polishes! 
An example of her “favourite series” something that explores Daisy’s must haves, and favourite beauty products from skincare to make up. Here she talks about foundation and writes a brilliant review about Stila’s Liquid foundation.
Lillian does such beautiful FOTD’s it’s hard not to fall in love with her blog. She recently explored Illamasqua and it was eye opening for me as I don’t know much about their products. She knows a huge amount about all different types of make up brands and is not afraid to experiment with products in an unconventional way. On top of that, she’s a Wimbledonian student too, like me! Yay WCA! 
The London Lipglosses favourite lillianfunnyface post:
Such a gorgeous and unique FOTD. We all know how scared I am of colour, and Lillian’s pale complexion (same as mine) makes me feel like I want to grab all my make up and play play play! Very inspiring.
Hope you enjoyed this post and pop on over to these gorgeous blogs, they’re all worth your time.
Oh by the way, as a little footnote, all of the photographs on the right hand side of my blog are clickable, click them and you may find a little video, or song, or related web page about the photo! Just a lil secret there. :p
See you later in the week! Zoeeeee xo