a week in skincare – tuesday

Here’s todays segment of my week in skincare, read more about it and see Mondays here.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish | Lush Angels on Bare Skin | Decleor Eye Roll On | Decleor Aroma White C+

Today I washed my entire face with Cleanse and Polish before getting in the shower, then scrubbed my face even cleaner with Angels on Bare Skin. I popped a little bit of Decleor underneath my eyes and put the Aroma White all over my skin.

When I met Paula of Paula’s Choice yesterday she said that eye creams were basically useless, and I’ve been thinking about this all night and now day since I left the event. I don’t think they are particularly useless, but I don’t think they are overly useful. I’ll be honest with you, the best part of the eye roll on here is that when I put it on the little metal balls are cold and the product is cooling and therefore it helps wake me up after the hot shower. That for me is worth it in itsself, as it’s that lovely awake feeling and it genuinely helps me get along with my day!

Angels on Bare Skin seems to have this lovely effect on my skin where it just seems to make it look really fresh, and after wearing this I don’t like to then put foundation on, so today has been a foundation free day. I don’t wear heavy makeup for most of the week because I don’t like the greasy film it leaves on my skin and I want to try and clear it a bit better by not clogging it up each day. It seems to be making a difference!

I’m going to cleanse my skin again with Cleanse and Polish before popping on some Aroma White and heading to bed when I do my nightly skincare!

Do you use any of these products?
Love, Zozo xx