A Lesson in Dirndl with Lola Paltinger in Munich

P H O T O S & W O R D S: Zoe London

I’m hoping this blog post is something interesting as it’s a little different, but as you know I have a huge interest in travel and culture so on a recent trip to Munich, I began to learn more about the traditional Dirndl. The Dirndl originates from 19th century Austria and Bavaria, and is hugely popular around the time of Oktoberfest, which I believe there are some celebrations of this weekend. 
So recently I went to Munich to explore the new Aloft hotel (more on that later) and they took us out into the city to learn more about traditional Germany and the history of Munich. We had this amazing opportunity in meeting Lola Paltinger, who runs a couture/high end Dirndl shop. We met her at her studio and it was a total privilege to see into her little business world. Lola is a well known Dirndl designer in Munich, and her designs have been worn by many very famous celebrities. They cost a lot because they are delicately hand made to precise styles, and Lola really prides herself on keeping a high standard of fashion. 
Lola trained at Vivienne Westwood in London and learned her fashion skills in couture wear. That of which takes a lot of patience and skill! She explained that most people tend to buy her Dirndls for prom wear, or for celebrities attending Oktoberfest/beer fest celebrations. She takes requests and does cater to what the client wants, but has a preferred colour palette and style that she will always stick to. She never makes dresses short or trashy, and keeps them very traditional in cut. 
I loved wandering around her modestly sized Munich studio in a very posh gated concierge based apartment block – i’m told one of the best in Munich – and Lola herself is very interesting and so welcoming. She didn’t mind us all touching the dresses and asking her a million questions! I felt like this was such a unique experience in Munich and I left feeling like i’d learned a lot more about the traditional Bavarian dress style. Something money cant buy, really. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post! It was just a little side thing that happened on the Munich trip (I will blog about the Aloft Munich soon) but I thought it was just too lovely to not share in a post of it’s own, as I personally love reading about kooky new things I never knew about! It’s actually how I spend most of my time. I hope you liked it too! Let me know in the comments below.