Okay 2017, Let’s Do This


Photography by Ben Gibson

I am starting to prefer men’s clothes.

I like male clothing because it’s usually a bit oversized, it’s comfy and it’s cool. I can never ever resist Drop Dead’s men’s stuff, mostly because well, okay it’s still Winter so the bigger clothes the better, but because sometimes I feel my most comfortable in something that’s a bit oversized. Not because I don’t like my body, but when you don’t have curves, I think oversized clothing can hang in a cool slouchy way, and I’m about that. Drop Dead really are particularly good at menswear, and if I was a man i’d shop there all the time – because well, I shop there all the time now!



You absolutely cannot deny the huge influence Kanye West has had on fashion last year.

Last year Kanye and Kim stepped up the high street fashion game immensely. Bringing in shades of tan, grunge khaki and almost military style wear, the influence was found everywhere. None more so than this Drop Dead collection, which features a mash up of influences set to a very Yeezy colour palette. I loved the early 00’s vibe of this long sleeve, which has Drop Dead emblazened across a bold, tan colour. For me tan can be a slightly tricky colour to wear because I am so pale – and I envy those with beautifully coloured skin tones that offset tan so beautifully, but this top was just the right shade of warm to suit me. Perfect.



I’m still massively not over Drop Dead.

I really love DD, I think their clothing is so so cool and even though it’s a bit expensive, I love buying the odd piece for my wardrobe and seeing as it was Winter and I needed some more long sleeves, this one made its way into my basket. I think Oli was really smart with Drop Dead, and evolved a brand through trend and current hype, and created something with a really covetable ethos behind it. I like that, and props to him – somewhere along the line he must have listened to the advice of some people around him and that’s awesome. I love that bands can take their fashion into clothing lines and launch stuff as successful as high street stores. I hope more musicians get inspired by the success of Drop Dead in 2017.

Speaking of 2017, I started a little wobbly but now I feel more ready to take on the world.



To keep up blogging and YouTube together to a certain level of quality is really tricky.

I don’t think I struggle with time management as such, but I think i struggle a lot with keeping on top of myself and planning forward a bit better. It’s easier than it sounds to get ahead of your schedule with YouTube, with some videos taking only a couple of hours to film, and others taking a couple of days, it can add up. For this reason i’ve fallen behind on my blog, and I don’t wanna let that slip for 2017. I love blogging, it’s such a cathartic release of words and visuals that gives me so much joy. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years – my blog and i – but like any relationship, we’ve worked through it and repaired those rough patches.


I wanna keep up a good level of content going forward.

I’m so picky with my content and I often bin stuff that I don’t think is good enough. I think it’s good to do this, but it often puts me behind. I also beat myself up so regularly over thinking stuff is rubbish when really it probably isn’t. On top of that I get such strong visions in my head of how things should look, and trying to make them a reality can take longer while i’m trying to make it like this totally unrealistic vision I have. Stupid, right? I need to get better at that, and realise that no, my face isn’t perfect, my house isn’t perfect and well, sometimes the sleeves on my tops are longer than they look in photos.

Let me know what you think of this Drop Dead top and give me your best advice for managing blog posts and YouTube videos at the same time!