24 Days of Zoe London

Photography: Kaye Ford | Words: Zoe London


24 creative days of Zoe London….

Okay so, i’ve tried vlogtober and also vlogmas in the past before and both times failed about halfway through. But i’ve admitted my fault and realised where I went wrong. I’m not all that good at vlogging. I’m a creative girl, hands on heart with an insatiable lust above my station to create things I often can’t do. That’s why I like making lookbooks and more creative videos – but of course know that the vlogs and hauls are what people really want to watch the most. I pushed myself before to do vlogmas, and i’m no good at it. I can’t always make conversation with myself on days when i’m vlogging, and I can’t always vlog to the quality standard I want to, and that frustrates me. This year I wanted to push myself and still go out with a bang, so i’ve decided to do 24 days of Zoe London, a vlogmas of sorts but with a bit of a twist. Oh my, take a shot for every time I said ‘vlog’ in that paragraph!

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It’s Christmas and well, I don’t wanna take away from the festiveness and excitement of that, but for me Christmas and the lead up is all about sharing gifts, excitement and planning outfits for the evenings spent with others. I want to try and encapsulate those themes into my own styles of video, and make 24 videos in the lead up to Christmas day that are interesting, exciting but also for me a good test to see what I can do and achieve. I’ve pre-filmed as much as I could, and am pushing myself beyond my usual 2-3 uploads a week but it already feels so rewarding, and i’m only on day three! It’s so nice to be able to try new things, and to see the fruits of my labour pay off. I also love watching vlogs, but know the sub box can get a little saturated with them, so while you’re watching all your fave vlogs you can consider me your little ad break in the middle of something a bit different, and I hope you like seeing that in your sub box!

I wasn’t feeling very festive before, and I think it’s because I was so stressed with the house move. Now the majority of the move is behind me, and even though our house is still in disarray, I feel like I can try and get my channel and blog back into order. I think i’m so excited about vlogmas because it’s an opportunity to try something new. It’s also a chance to really test myself in what I can do. Look, YouTube isn’t a hard job, but it can be a demanding job. It’s so fun and so rewarding, but it’s exhausting because it’s 24/7 round the clock. This month is going to be a bit of that, but I know come Christmas Day I can sit round the table with my family and feel happy, excited and fulfilled with how i’ve ended my year. That is the goal i’m working toward, and that’s all I want to achieve. I know my sub count isn’t going to miraculously triple overnight, that takes a lot of hard work – and to be honest my ship has probably sailed, but if I get to 100k one day i’ll be happy – but i’m super willing to put in the effort.

I had been feeling quite down about YouTube because I wish I had grown at the same level my friends had. I also know, that back when they were starting and putting in the grind, I wasn’t, and that’s only my fault with no one else to blame. I get frustrated with myself a lot because of this, but right now I am growing, and my views are growing too, so there’s no point trying to compare myself with others and instead I need to focus on myself, focus on the growth I am having and concentrate on me. It’s tough to see out of that bubble when your every day is being compared to others, but i’ve got to a point where i’m happy with what I put out, and even if they only do a small amount of views, it isn’t the end of the world and I mustn’t compare myself to those who get thousands and thousands of views. I really enjoy making content, and i’m seeing this 24 creative days as a chance to lay the foundations for the year ahead, for what I know I can do and get out of my life. It’s too easy to rely on the same old content, and while I know you’re always going to want to watch a haul or a lookbook, there are new ways you can present that, and I owe it to myself to constantly push myself out of the comfort zone to make it.

So look, let’s do this, 24 days of Zoe London, of vlogmas, and if you wanna watch it and come check it out, here’s a playlist of all the videos for you to enjoy. See you there?