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YSL Spring Collection Palettes

February 1, 2017


Photography: Zoe London

I am all for a warm, orange makeup shade. Meet YSL’s Spring offerings.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that I am a fan of orange and warm red eyeshadows. I’ve pretty much not changed since the heady days of My Chemical Romance in 2005, and i’m not going to change now. I saw the brand new collectors palettes for this Spring from YSL, and I fell in love. I think you’re gonna love them too.


A soft blush, and a warm eyeshadow palette.

So i’ve got here the YSL Spring Look Couture Eye Palette* and the YSL Spring Look Couture Face Palette*. The full collection title is ‘The Street and I’ and it’s inspired by graffiti on urban walls mixed with pop art colours full of life and fun. It’s youthful and it’s such a gorgeous blend of colours. You can see this directly on the blush palette, as the print is a brick wall with ‘YSL’ almost graffitied on the top.

“From graffiti grey to pop-art pinks and oranges – the outer casing of the Yves Saint Laurent Spring Look Couture Eye Palette encapsulates the shades of the street. Inside, an audacious combination of colours designed to intrigue the urban artist. A shimmering pale pink to highlight under the brow; a hard city grey for lining or creating a smokey eye; a flash of orange, a duo of pinks to brighten up the evening cityscape. It’s all there; on the street.”


You can build them right up or wear them soft.

What I loved about this collection straight away was the pigmentation. The red shade in the palette is so pigmented that you only need a small amount to wear for a dash of colour, or you can build it right up to create a bold pop. The black is the same. YSL has this appeal that pretty much anyone can wear this collection, without feeling the need to go too far out of their comfort zone should they not wish. I wore it here softly blended out on my eye lids, using the lighter highlight shade, the top left shimmer red shade and the bright red, combined with a warm flush of the coral cheeks.




I think this is a step in the right direction for YSL Beauty.

YSL Beauty has always been cool. They’ve kept an edge to it that’s never tipped it over into always being neutral, and never lost sight of it not being a bold and bright range. This collection for me is modern, it’s so on trend – right up there with the US brands leading the way, the Too Faced Sweet Peaches and the Anastasia Beverly Hills red eyeshadows, and in doing so it’s combined them into a fun, eye catching and gorgeous palette casing. It made me think of a sort of tabloid headline, a grabbing capital letter bold pop that’s impossible to ignore. That was the inspiration for me behind this photo set.




There are other items in the collection.

So these two palettes aren’t the only things in the Spring offering for YSL, and theres also a kiss and blush duo item that looks so interesting and fun. I love that everything in this range is themed around a sorta pink/orange swirl of candy colour brights. It definitely is a nice change from constant pastels in Springtime. YSL is a little pricey, but for a keep sake item I know you’ll get a lot of use and love out of, it’s justified. My only gripe is I wish the eyeshadow palettes had more actual product in grams inside it, and were a little easier to dip your brush into!

I do think they will last a long time though and I know i’ll love reaching for these.


So there we go, that’s a little lowdown on the eye catching collectors palettes for YSL this Spring. I’d love to know what you think, and if they seem like something you’d want to try and pick up!