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The Amazon Video Club

December 16, 2015

P H O T O G R A P H Y: George J Rockett
E D I T & W O R D S: Zoe London


There’s something so enjoyably wonderful about catching up with friends and discovering something new. I adore just chatting away about the things we enjoy in life, and for me a huge part of that is TV. If you already follow my Twitter you’ll know I love tweeting along with my favourite TV shows, expressing my opinion, shock and genuine reaction as the show goes on, and this is a huge part of my winding down evening routine. I met up with Amy Valentine for long overdue catchups, and as you can imagine, talk quickly turned to TV, and specifically the new Amazon Video service.
Amy is a student currently studying in Shoreditch, East London, so we chose that area to meet, at the adorable yet cool Shoreditch Grind. Amy told me all about the Amazon Student Deal, which includes a 6 month trial of Amazon Video, so of course now term time is up she had been watching a load of new programmes and needed to tell someone all about them. This is where the Amazon Video Club comes in. Myself and some other bloggers (including some familiar faces, and Amy, of course) have partnered up to form our own little version of The Breakfast Club, with much less detention and a lot more TV – and each week we’re going to be watching programmes simultaneously and live tweeting about them. I’ve been checking out all the series on the service, and you’ll soon see which series I picked to share with the club.

It feels both nostalgic and modern to be part of a club where we discuss TV shows, in that delightfully vintage ‘book club’ style, yet we can do so from the comfort of our own homes (and PJs!) and still interact with each other. I’m excited to see what the other club members have in store for me to enjoy over the holiday season and into January and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what I have to say about the programming. 
Find out more about the Amazon Student Deal here. What do you think of Amazon Video and our Video Club idea? Will you be joining in with us?