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Girls Tour

August 5, 2016


Take your seats for the girls tour.

Whatever your views are on the new wave of feminism, whether you think it’s faux for personal/commercial gain, or whether you believe it to be a genuine movement – you can’t deny that girl power is definitely hot right now. For me i’m on the fence, some sides of ‘girl power’ I don’t love, and feel to be a bit hollow without real empowerment, but then what I absolutely love is just the simple notion that even just the words ‘girl power’ can bring together a group of girls, that do good and love each other. For me that’s a winning situation.


Being a woman in 2016.

We live in strange times. No really, we do. Some people say we’ve never had it better – we are in the golden age of technology and our world as a whole is slowly but surely improving in terms of eco friendly movements and we nudge closer to equal marriage rights for all a little bit more every day. But then there’s still parts that need working on. I don’t massively wanna get into huge world politics – I wouldn’t know where to start if i’m honest.

But as a female I know there’s still strides to be made. It’s still legal here in the UK for companies to employ a gender pay gap – meaning women can do the same job as men but get paid less. In Ireland, it’s still illegal to have an abortion. Two women in the UK a week are killed by partnersΒ at the hands of domestic abuse and globally, 1 in 3 women will be victims of domestic violence. We still have a strong fight to go.



Empowerment to me means something that makes me stronger and more confident in myself.

Look, we all get empowered in different ways. I think it’s wrong to shame Kim Kardashian into saying she isn’t empowering by posing with no clothes on, but then it’s silly to claim she is empowering by doing so. I believe that empowerment can’t hugely come from the source of one thing alone, as I get older, I realise it comes from within. You grasp that how you see fit. If seeing a real body on the internet empowers you more than a Kardashian body, so be it. If a Kardashian empowers you, also so be it. Don’t believe the hype – make up your own mind.


I think we should never be silenced for speaking up about being a woman. We need International Women’s Day because there’s still so much more we need to question, we need to appeal against and we need to speak up about – not only here in the UK and Ireland at home, but for women who don’t have a voice in our world, too. We have to speak even louder for our sisters who can’t.


That’s why when I saw this wall, I was in love.

To me this piece of art means so much. The Girls Tour, coming to a town near you. Painted in the softest, most beautiful pink – a reclaiming of our own – ‘pink is for girls, don’t you know?’ it stands proudly a few streets down from it’s origin – the Sorella Boutique on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Melrose is an interesting cacophony of sounds and colours, just one block down from this mural we walked past a group of kids outside a trainer store, jamming on drums and chatting about life. Just two blocks down is one of the fanciest restaurants in LA. It’s a melting pot of interesting elements brought together – and it’s one of my favourite streets in Los Angeles.


Top: H&M
Shorts: The Ragged Priest*
Shoes: Adidas via JD Sports*
Kimono: Boohoo*
Bag: Boohoo*
Sunglasses: Madam Popoff Vintage Store, Margate



I’d never tell you what to say or think – but i’ll always tell you to be proud.

Recently i’ve been getting a lot of abuse on Twitter – solely from men. I’ll post up photos of me DJing, or in a new fancy top, or in my favourite blue lipstick, and as my following grows – so does the abuse. Males who think they can tell me how to live, what I can or can’t do, and how ‘ugly’ I look. Well boys, newsflash: I don’t care about you. I couldn’t give a rats arse if you think my blue lipstick is ugly, because i’m wearing it for me – and never for you. I don’t care if you think because i’m a girl i’m a useless DJ, actually, why don’t you come on down to one of my club nights and find out for yourself? Plenty of people do – they’re usually sold out – and have the best night ever. Don’t ever let a man make you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t do something, because you can.


Please, speak up. Use your beautiful voice. Help other females, don’t tear them down. Together we’re so much stronger and the more we use our voice to make a change, the quicker it’s going to happen.

Talk to your local MP about fixing the gender pay gap. If you’re Irish, please, do what you can to repeal the 8th. If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, call 020 7395 7771 to speak to Refuge’s 24hr helpline. If you have spare makeup, do what I do and take it to your local refuge centre. Don’t ever feel silenced and be proud of yourself. You’re all truly beautiful.

  • Alison Pate

    Yes yes yes to everything in this post! And I have to say, no one rocks blue lipstick quite like you do – screw those guys!

  • Corinne

    Great post Zoe, so glad to see you are back to blogging!
    Corinne | Hello Corinne

  • Amy

    This is such an important topic to post about! Thank you <3 I love that wall too, it's gorgeous. I'm so sorry you've been getting more mean comments lately, but well done for not listening to their rubbish! You are amazing <3

  • Holl JC

    This post is both beautiful and strong! I love your words and the honesty within them! Thank you for this post, it’s important and needed and perfect! x

  • Laura

    What a strong post Zoe. An inspiring message for ladies world wide who are lucky enough to have blogs like yours to read. I am sorry you are getting abuse on twitter – but your attitude towards it, and your strength in dealing with it speaks mountains. Stay strong, stay inspiring, and most importantly – stay you x

  • Lauren

    Perfectly approached post Zoe, it is important we speak up for other girls and use our voices to push for equality (for all) and progression. I do agree too that empowerment is different for us all, and that people need to get out of the habit of thinking everything we do is for them – we wear makeup for us, heels for us and dress for our bodies and our confidence, nothing else.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Meg

    YES TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID. And I totally agree with you on the empowerment side of things. Like, we all find things that make us that little more confident, have that stride in our step – it’s different for everyone, so people shouldn’t judge what others find empowering, unless you know…it’s illegal or something.

  • Kinga Kurek

    Yes yes yes to this whole thing! I wish more people talked about, it’s so important! Love the outfit as well!
    Kinga x

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