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Does Low Shampoo Actually Work?

March 2, 2017


I wanted to try out a ‘low’ shampoo for coloured hair.

When browsing the shelves of my local Boots recently, I spied this new ‘low’ shampoo from Elvive by L’Oreal Paris. I hadn’t really heard much about it, not seen it on any blogs or anything, but was mega intrigued, so I picked one up. It didn’t cost me much,Β it was on a Boots offer for Β£5, but usually priced around Β£7. Pretty reasonable. George and I often use the Elvive oil range as it seems to work well on both of our hair types, and doesn’t cost a bomb to replace, so I was curious to see if this could replace it. Immediately it’s better all round, as it contains no sulphates, and this means it’s a non-foaming shampoo.


It comes in this huge dispenser.

It’s a really big shampoo pot with 400ml and a pump at the top to dispense. The first time I tried it, I didn’t pump enough out to begin with and had to go back for more. It takes a few washes to get rid of the non-foaming feel we are so used to feeling, and to realise that it’s more normal to feel like this! It doesn’t lather up at all, and cleansing with it is quite a weird experience as it just feels like it disappears into the hair, and you’re never sure if you’ve covered it all/rubbed it all in. A few weeks later and i’ve got the hang of it now, with about four pumps or so doing my whole head – I don’t usually scrub the ends too much anyway as they can be quite dry, so it’s focussing mainly on the root – and then rinsing.

I find often regular shampoo can totally frizz and dry my hair out, which is never a good look, and often caused by the amount of sulphates and foaming agents needed. I think as a society we got so used to a shampoo needing to foam up for us to feel like our hair was being washed, that it never felt right when it didn’t. Weirdly though, salons never use foamy shampoos like that, and we never seem to notice when our head is in the bowl and someone else is doing the washing – but we always notice when our hair never looks the same after the salon. Well, with this, I feel like my hair is getting as close to salon quality as it ever has. Honestly, for something I just picked up on a whim because I was curious, I didn’t expect to love it as much. You can see the smooth, non fried condition my hair has been in recently, and i’ve not used any other shampoo apart from this.


It’s done a great job of not fading my colour.

Often after the very first wash my colour immediately looks faded, but i’m now a few weeks into this hair dye job and it still looks as fresh as it did when it was just done. You can see in the photo above how well the shampoo is cleaning the hair but not stripping the colour.Β I usually have a full blue bathtub after washing, and i’ve noticed that hardly any blue comes out into the water when I wash with this, yet I still feel squeaky clean after. I don’t wash my hair every day, usually every other day or every three days, but my fringe has to be washed every day. See how shiny and smooth it is – often it can be so fried and gross. So, so impressed.


Of course this isn’t new technology, but it is affordable.

Plenty of eco-friendly and more high end haircare brands have been doing this for years, but it’s not usually something as easily available on the high street. I think that’s why it took me back when I saw it just sat there on offer on the shelf of Boots, because I was so surprised more people weren’t shouting or raving about this online. For me haircare is so important, and such a crucial part of keeping my hair nice, that i’m always looking for things that aren’t going to break the bank. I usually have a really detailed rummage through the haircare aisle for new things, and I couldn’t believe how cheap this was! L’Oreal – shout about this more! It’s great they’ve brought a non- sulphate shampoo to the mass market and I feel like it’s something i’ll keep repurchasing. I’ve only had this for a few weeks now but i’ve washed with it every time, and even when I went away I took a small pot of it with me as I didn’t trust the hotel shampoo! You know when you just find something and you don’t want to break it? That. This hasn’t remotely made my hair fried, dry or weighed down with heavy shampoo residue, so for me it’s a winner.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this, and whether or not it’s something you’ll try out! They have one for dry hair too which is in the yellow packaging, but the red one is for coloured hair specifically. I feel like it’s going to change the game for a lot of coloured hair babes like me and you, and help us save our bright locks from the dreaded fade. Or the dreaded frizz. Both give me nightmares.