All White Dalmatian

September 20, 2016

finalpic3Against the fashion week current of black, I wore white.

This weekend just gone by has been London Fashion Week. It started Friday and ends today – Tuesday. I’ve been at every single day, exclusively with L’Oreal Professionel and attending a variety of shows as well as backstage. More on that later! I adore fashion week, it’s hectic, it’s mad and it’s a little overwhelming – but it’s creative, interesting and artistic. It always inspires me, not only in general but also with the fashion I wear. I usually see it as a turning point in my creative personal style, and I spend weeks leading up to fashion week planning my outfits. I see those five outfits as jumping off points for future style, that inspire me in my daily life.


This was Friday’s outfit.

I wanted to still feel quite ‘me’, and as the weather was (meant to be) good on Friday, I wore a dalmatian print skirt. This one in particular is from a little indie ASOS Marketplace store called Lily and The Lamplight, ironically introduced to me by Lily. It’s actually a soft shaven faux fur material so adds a lovely extra dimension to any outfit. I like it paired with a tee, but you could wear a silky vest, or even layer another faux fur coat on top! Here’s the link to the skirt.



So I was browsing through ASOS’s denim jackets the other day when I spied this white one. I’ve never owned a white jacket, but I liked the idea of it offsetting black outfits for a clean grunge twist. I spotted that it was on sale and it was pretty much a done deal. I jazzed mine up with some pins from Punky Pins, but again – more on that later.



Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

I know you can only see a peek of this Wildfox tee in these pics, but I adore it. I have a bit of a weakness for things that are pink and yellow – does anyone else get this? There’s something about the happy almost fluro mix of colours that always gets me. Anyway, this is the first tee i’ve bought from Wildfox and the quality is incredible. It’s so soft and cosy, but hasn’t bobbled in the slightest. I love the darker edge trimming round the top, I think this helped to tie it all together with the dalmatian print and black details in my bag and boots.


Anyway look i’m sorry it got a little quiet around here over fashion week. I’ve been so busy as I currently type this my eyes are heavy and my feet are sore – but i’m happy. I’ve just ran out of hours in the day! I’ve been creating some cool blog content and taking photos on my new camera – my Canon 5d MKiii aka my new pride and joy – and generally loving being creative in an already creative environment. Fashion Week so far this season has allowed my passion for photography to flourish, and while I can’t wait to get into normal blogging again – part of me is really going to miss the adrenaline of those ten minutes while the lights are blazing and the catwalk is in full motion – and i’m sat there trying to get the best shot I possibly can. For someone who’s studied photography since she was 15, it’s a joy i’ll never get over the privilege of having.


So I should really get to bed before my last show of Fashion Week – as I write this it’s Monday night and i’m back in my own home. I’d been staying at a hotel in Covent Garden for fashion week, and while it was lovely, I really missed home cooked food, lounging on the sofa with George and typing up blog posts on an evening. I can’t wait to show you the diary piece i’ve been working so hard on – really, i’ve pushed myself both creatively and emotionally a lot this weekend to create some of the best content yet – and I hope you adore it as much as I will when I gaze upon it in years to come.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this outfit – there’s some more fashion week outfits still to come yet!